I am largely Self-taught, gaining refinement through the generous guidance of some extraordinary photographers, curators and dealers. Including Rosalind Solomon, 
Debbie Fleming Caffery, WM Hunt and Tim Wride.
Santa Fe Art Institute, April 10, 2004_April 10, 2005
True Love Art Gallery       Seattle, WA,    2013
Pacific Northwest  Photography Viewing Drawers
Blue Sky Gallery        Portland, OR,     2013
“Beyond The Western Lands”
SOIL Gallery       Seattle, WA,       2012
“I Have Something To Tell You”
Photo Center Northwest       Seattle, WA,       2012
Western Washington University      Bellingham, WA,       2012
“Author and Subject”
Photo Center Northwest        Seattle, WA,      2012
“Mars vs Venus : Images of Male and Female”
Greg Kucera Gallery       Seattle, WA,        2011
“Camp:  Visiting Day”
The Center For Photography at Woodstock,    Woodstock NY,   2011
“Stalking the Wild Asparagus”
The Print Center     Philadelphia, PA,      2010
“Likeness: Portraiture from the Photography Collection”
Portland Art Museum     Portland, OR,    2010
“Suggestions of A Life Being Lived”
SF Camerawork,    San Francisco, CA,     2010
“Even When I’m With Him”
The Global Village  International AIDS Conference,  Vienna, Austria  2010
Viehmarktthermen,     Trier, Germany,    2010
"Orange Blossoms, Fire Ants and The Tyranny of Memory"
Victoria Price Contemporary,       Santa Fe, NM,      2007
"I Have Something To Tell You"
Houston Center for Photography,    Houston, TX,       2005
"I Have Something To Tell You"
Santa Fe Art Institute,    Santa Fe, NM,      2005
"I Have Something To Tell You"
Blue Sky Gallery,    Portland, OR,     2004
"El Ojo Que Ves/Photographs of Mexico City"
Price Dewey Galleries,    Santa Fe, NM,     2003
Houston Center for Photography,    Houston, TX,     2006
"Reverse:Emerging Photographers and Their Mentors"
Pacific Northwest College of Art,    Portland, OR,     2004
"Reverse:Emerging Photographers and Their Mentors"
Santa Fe Art Institute,    Santa Fe NM,     2003
"out West"
Plan B Evolving Arts (CCA),    Santa Fe, NM,     1999
The Museum Fine Arts, Houston
Portland Museum of Fine Art